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ARE YOU A NEWLY QUALIFIED NURSE OR DO YOU HAVE A CAREER GAP? WONDERING HOW YOU COULD BE AN RN IN IRELAND? This is for you!!! The criteria for Non-Directive Overseas Applications to NMBI is being renewed. Until now G3 applicants, nurses trained outside the European...

Front line staffing crisis

There is an ongoing concern in staffing level since the spread of COVID in the country. As we know a good proportion of health care staff has been temporarily wiped out due to various reasons including contracting the COVID virus, forced to self-isolate due to close...

Migrant Nurses Ireland is making an official petition to the Department of Justice to review the current practice on Atypical Work Permit that allow nurses to commence their job with the same permit rather waiting for an employment permit.

Migrant nurses are provided with Atypical work Permit once they obtain the decision letter from NMBI. The Atypical Work Permit is issued by the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service (INIS) under the Department of Justice and Equality which is valid for a period...

Migrant Nurses Ireland

Migrant Nurses Ireland is a migrant friendly platform/organisation for Migrant Nurses in Ireland. We are committed to enable them to seek necessary help in order to achieve the optimum work life satisfaction. This is a cohort of migrant nurses who are predominantly working in private nursing home sectors, who are suffering mental and physical stresses at their workplaces. Sometimes this is due to the differences in their culture or experiences however, we have seen people being exploited because of these differences at their workplace.

Our aim is to reach out to these cohort using our well-established community network. We are focused to help them to voice their issues and enable them to engage in trade unionism like INMO via bridging the gap. We believe, MNI’s experienced nursing leadership can continue this mission more effectively if we have the support from INMO.We believe MNI will be a platform where a migrant nurse could address their concerns using the local community in their own comfort zone without any cultural barriers. The local units of MNI will serve this purpose by being an intermediate between the migrant nurses and INMO.



How the local units are formed?

General body constitutes all the members distributed all over the country, which is apparently a huge number and the General body will meet every 6 months. Where there is 10 members a local unit will be formed with maximum of 100 members. And every 10 members is represented by a delegate. The representatives form the local unit committee with office bearers, secretary,joint secretary and treasurer. The overall coordinating system will be Central Committee and central executive Committee with office bearers convener, joint convener and treasurer.


In case of any incident, the migrant nurse could approach these local units and the area committe will support him/her in conjoining with the regional representatives of INMO. We would be delighted if MNI is considered as a liaison between the migrant nurses and INMO so that the hindrances faced by a migrant in addressing the issues and concerns will be overcome.

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Membership is open to all Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) Registered/Student
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