A reassurance for the NMBI applicant’s. 10 newly created positions for the role of Registration Case Officer (Grade IV) is opened by NMBI. This is considered due to the continuing growth of the registration department and will be an aid to speed up the registration process. This will be a great relief for all the applicants of NMBI who have been waiting quite a long time. Considering the delay in the processing, MNI have initiated a campaign with a petition requesting NMBI to tackle the issues which was signed by 714 petitioners. The petitioners were from India, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Ghana. Following the petition a meeting was chaired by Dr. Edward Mathews, Deputy General Secretary of INMO with NMBI CEO Ms Sheila McClelland and her team and MNI executive committee members on December 7th to address the same concern.

Dr. Edward advocated for the Migrant Nurses demanding the NMBI officials for a realistic action plan to address the issue. NMBI’s immediate response to this concern by introduction of these new positions is much appreciated by the migrant nursing community in Ireland and outside Ireland who are awaiting to join our healthcare team.

MNI sincerely express gratitude to NMBI and DR Edward for being supportive to the migrant community. Please read the following link to get the update on new positions on NMBI. https://www.nmbi.ie/…/Registration-Case-Officer-(Grade-IV)