Migrant nurses are provided with Atypical work Permit once they obtain the decision letter from NMBI. The Atypical Work Permit is issued by the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service (INIS) under the Department of Justice and Equality which is valid for a period of six months.

It only permits the candidate to appear for aptitude test or adaptation and a further application for employment permit, not to commence the job with a full pay. It is considered illegal to work with an Atypical Work Permit.

Nurses employed at HSE can obtain an employment permit within two to three weeks after NMBI registration, but it takes atleast six to eight weeks for nurses employed in private sectors. The inability to get to work and the consequent lack of income during this waiting period along with the rising cost of living in Ireland put these new nurses in crisis. The Migrant Nurses Ireland have been reported with many such incidents and in this context the organisation calls for the amendment of this law that allows the migrant NMBI registered nurses to legally work with the atypical work permit while waiting for an employment permit.

Migrant Nurses Ireland reported that the concern will be put forward to INMO and will work with INMO to appeal for an immediate action from the government authorities.